It's always good to say hello!

Hi! Thanks for your visit. I'm Barry Crofter, of Vesey Rd, Sutton Coldfield B73 5NR.

By profession I am a retired maths teacher; by inclination I am a car addict. I love them all, from the humble C5 (no I never owned one, thank heavens) to the mighty Rolls Royce Silver Cloud (no I never owned one of those either!).

I created this website on the spur of the moment as a form of relaxation therapy and so far I have enjoyed working on it. I intended to develop it in the future and that remains my aim; whether age or motivation allow that to happen remains to be seen.

In the meanwhile I would welcome any non-commercial messages; whether these are (constructive) criticisms, inaccuracy notifications or suggestions for additions/improvements. I can be emailed at bcrofter (at)

Best wishes from Barry.

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