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This page lays out our privacy policy explains how we protect personal data. This is defined as information about an individual, either living or dead, which may be used to identify that person.

Information collection

Information about visits to websites is usually automatically stored by the web servers that the websites are hosted on. This information usually includes the date and time of the visit, the pages visited, the length of time spent on that page, the Internet protocol address of the person who visited the site, the type of browser used, and other minor information about the setup of the computer, tablet or mobile phone but the visitor used. None of this information could be used to personally identify the visitor without extensive investigations involving the cooperation of the Internet service provider; this corporation would not be forthcoming under any imaginable circumstances without the orders of a court of law.

Tracking and cookies

Many websites utilise cookies which record various actions by the visitor. This website does not use cookies or any other form of tracking device; however it may contain hyperlinks to other websites. If you click on one of these hyperlinks you will be taken to a different website entirely, over which we probably have no control whatsoever. If you do so this website may well contain cookies. You should therefore assume that it would be necessary for you to check the privacy policy of any website you visit in this way, to ensure that the privacy policy is to your satisfaction.

Processing of your information

We do not as a rule process the information that we receive from our server logs. However, we reserve the right to do this in order to collect statistical information. If we do so we will make no attempt whatsoever to personally identify any person who has visited our site.

E-mail data

You may e-mail us to ask a query, make a suggestion or even to have a chat. If you do so a copy of your e-mail will be saved on our computer system, which is protected by normal security protocols. If you do not wish us to save your communications in this way, please inform us and the data will be deleted within a reasonable period of time.

Use of your e-mail address

We will use your e-mail address purely to answer your query, and carry out any further communications that you have requested. We will not use this address to send you unsolicited commercial e-mails, and will not divulge it to any other person, unless by doing so we could assist in preventing or detecting fraud or any other type of criminal activity.

Disclosure of other data

We may disclose any data in our system in order to:

1) Update a legitimate order by a court of law
2) Protect our own rights or property
3) Protect the safety or privacy of other users of our system or the public at large
4) Protect ourselves against any legal liabilities.

Security of data transmissions

We, and our service providers, can reasonably be expected to utilise all reasonable methods of keeping our system secure. We will be fully cognisant of our responsibilities in this respect. It must however be borne in mind that the Internet as a whole is an insecure medium and you should avoid sending any personal information to any person or company, including ourselves, which could cause you harm, embarrassment or inconvenience if it fell into the wrong hands.

Changes to this privacy policy

We may alter the terms of this policy at any time. We therefore recommend that you revisit this page at any subsequent visits to ensure that it is still compliant with your requirements.

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